Early Childhood Education

Child Care and Preschool

The JCC Early Childhood Center has been providing high quality early childhood care and education to the Ann Arbor community for over twenty-five years.

Our Mission:

The mission of the JCC Early Childhood Center is to provide a safe, warm, child-centered Jewish learning community where children and adults explore ideas, develop skills, and gain knowledge together.

Our Philosophy:

  • We believe that children are powerful, competent, and capable of solving problems and expressing intentions.
  • We believe that children construct their own knowledge when they interact with people, concepts, and the world around them and by manipulating a diverse variety of materials.
  • We believe that adults play a critical role in children’s learning, by supporting their efforts to explore ideas and solve problems, by scaffolding children’s ability to express their ideas and reflect on their experiences, and by establishing a positive climate for learning.
  • We believe that learning is a social process, in which meaningful interactions among the adults and children in the classroom give children the opportunity to learn from the strengths and interests of their peers and teachers.
  • We believe that early childhood education has a crucial role in developing the important values of a sense of justice, compassion, and caring about the welfare of others.

Commitment to Excellence

The ECC is proud to be Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Since 1985, NAEYC has offered a national, voluntary accreditation system to set professional standards for early childhood education programs, and to help families identify high quality programs. Today, NAEYC Accreditation represents the mark of quality in early childhood education.

The ECC also has a partnership with the HighScope Educational Research Foundation, an independent nonprofit organization, founded in 1970 in Ypsilanti, MI. HighScope promotes the development of children and youth worldwide and supports educators and parents as they help children learn.  HighScope’s mission is to lift lives through education.