Visit Us!

We highly recommend visiting our center for a personal tour as your first step in enrollment. Taking a tour of our center gives prospective parents a chance to get a feel for the unique flavor of our program. Coming from out of town? No time to stop by?  We do virtual tours!

To schedule a tour, please join our interest list. We will send you an email to schedule a tour!


2023-24 School Year Tuition Rates


We took a tour, what comes next?

Applying to Our Program and Reserving a Spot

After touring our facility, here are the next steps you need to follow to enroll your child into our program:

  • Join our interest list! If you are unable to find the link, email us at [email protected]
  • Our interest list will be informed via email when the application for the upcoming school year is released on March 1st, or if you’re applying mid-year, we’ll send you an application 3 months before a space becomes available.**
  • For early consideration, applications to the ECC are due by March 15th. Applications received after March 15th will be considered on a rolling basis.
  • Complete the application and submit it along with a payment method for the $150 application fee. This can be emailed to us or dropped of at the front desk of the JCC.
  • If there is an available space in our program, we will charge the application fee to the payment method provided with your application and formally offer you a spot in our program.
  • If the space is no longer available, your child will be put on our waitlist. We will not charge the application fee at this time. You will be contacted as soon as a space becomes available, and we will charge the application fee at that time. To avoid being charged the application fee, please notify us in writing that you are no longer interested in being on the waitlist at the ECC.
  • Upon acceptance of your child’s enrollment, we will invoice you for the $1500 deposit. Following payment of the deposit, we will provide the necessary enrollment paperwork for your child before their start date. Our enrollment forms can also be found here.

**Please note that this is the ideal timeline and sometimes a space may become available on short notice. In such cases, we may contact you with more or less notice of a space becoming available.

Admissions Policies

The Early Childhood Center @ the J welcomes children of all backgrounds.

Priority for admission is as follows:

  • Children currently enrolled who complete their contracts.
  • Siblings of children currently enrolled.
  • Children of JCC members.
  • Children of families who are members of affiliated Jewish institutions.
  • Children new to the program.

To enroll in the ECC, children must be up to date on vaccinations as specified by the CDC, unless medically unable to be vaccinated on schedule.

In all cases, desired schedules depend on availability.

Get in touch with us:

Have questions or concerns? Let us know!

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (734) 971-0990