KidZone is a special place just for kids in grades K-5. KidZone is designed to empower children to create, learn, and grow in a supportive and engaging environment. Programs include KZ Afterschool, KZ Vacation Days, KZ Calendar and KidZone Snow Days.

KidZone After school (for children in grades K–5)


Please email the KidZone team at [email protected]

Marlowe Susselman, Camp & Youth Director (734) 971-0990 ext. 341 or [email protected]

*IMPORTANT* MI Child Information Record

After registering, please fill out the MI Child Information Record.  This is a “fillable” form which should be downloaded and “saved as” on your computer.  Please email it back to [email protected], or bring it in and give to the staff on the day of the event.  If you are having trouble filling out the form, they will be available in the Camp and Youth Office for your use.

This information is required for every child and only needs to be filled out once during the academic year (you may not use the same form for more than one child or from previous years. Forms must be filled out separately).  Those who do not have health information on file, will NOT be allowed to attend KidZone.  Please be sure to update us with any changes in your children’s health and bring in any medications your child may need.