JCC Maccabi Games & ArtsFest

UPDATE: JCC Maccabi Community Informational Meeting Tuesday, February 28th at 7:00pm

Each summer, the JCC of Greater Ann Arbor sends a team of Jewish teens to the JCC Maccabi Games & ArtsFest, a week long Olympic-style sporting competition (Games, ages 13-16) and practice & performance (ArtsFest, ages 13-17), in different cities across America.

Athletes and artists from all over the world also participate in community service projects and social activities to combine for an unforgettable experience and a week to remember.

To be eligible to participate, an athlete must be at least thirteen (12) years old (site dependent) on or before July 31 of the year of the Games and cannot be 17 on or before July 31 of the year of the Games.  The same date applies to determine the appropriate age group for athletes.  For example, an athlete who turns 15 on July 31 competes in the 15-16 age division. An athlete who turns 15 on August 1 competes in the 13-14 age division.

In 2017, we will be traveling toAlbany , New York. To learn more, click here.

2017 Registration

Registration deadline March 10th!  Register with no late fee!

Before you register, you will first need to create an account.  If you are having trouble, click here.

You will also need to complete all of the additional documents listed.

  • JCC of Greater Ann Arbor Delegation Registration: $1,550 (Please note that the cost reflects the entire price to attend the JCC Maccabi Games & ArtsFest, and does not need to be paid in full at the time of registration.  A $500 non-refundable registration fee will need to be paid at the time of registration to reserve your spot.  Remaining balances must be paid in full by June 1st).  Fees include plane ticket, uniform, food, warm-ups, trading pinsAthletes & Artists will stay with “Host Families” the week of JCC Maccabi.
  • JCC Membership: $125 ‘Single Adult Membership’Valid for one year from date of purchase.
  • Confirmation Kit (along with copy of birth certificate or social security card AND copy of front and back of insurance card) – due TO THE JCC BY April 1 ($150 late fee).
    *The Medical form which is required for both artists & athletes on Page 7 is due TO THE JCC BY May 1 ($150 late fee)*
  • Online National Registration (Past participants will need to fill out, but will not need to create a new username or password)
  • ARTISTS ONLY: How to apply for ArtsFest

The 2017 Maccabi Games & ArtsFest will take place in:



Team Sports Albany, NY

Baseball- 14U & 16U Boys
Basketball- 14U & 16U Boys / 16U Girls
Ice Hockey- 16U Boys
Flag Football- 16U Boys
LaCrosse- 16U Boys/Girls
Soccer-14U & 16U Boys /16U Girls

Individual Sports- Boys and Girls

Track and Field-14U & 16U
Competitive Dance-14U & 16U
Golf-14U & 16U
Swimming-14U & 16U
Tennis-14U & 16U



Team Sports Albany , NY




Ice Hockey


Flag Football –


Individual Sports- Boys and Girls

Competitive Dance


Table Tennis


We know Maccabi can be expensive!  That’s why, once the team is assembled in March, we will give all athletes & artists opportunities to raise money which will go right back to them to pay for their trip! Additionally, we have scholarships available, so please do not hesitate to inquire about this. You can find out more by emailing [email protected]

Check out all of last year’s fun in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

View the Parent Handbook

Want to be added to our listserve? Have questions? Contact:

Deborah Ryan, JCC Maccabi Games & ArtsFest Delegation Head: (734) 971-0990 or [email protected]


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Thank you to those who have made Ann Arbor Maccabi possible, and thank you in advance to those who continue to show their support.