Yoga and Meditation

Day: TBD

Location: Gelman/Levine Lounges

Instructor: Yael Rothfeld





Yoga is a practiced discipline designed to sustain overall health, relaxation and well-being.  Through concentration, breathing exercises and physical postures, this class aims to release tension and stress in areas of the body and mind that are impacted by the dynamics of modern life.  With focus on alignment and linking breath with movement, this class provides gentle yet profound techniques to help build strength, body awareness and self-confidence.  This class is for beginners and seasoned yogis alike.  There will be modifications and variations for postures offered.


Registration: $7 J members/$10 Community members

Class Policies:

  • Wear comfortable clothes (no jeans please)
  • A water bottle is highly recommended
  • Bring a mat if you have one (we have a few extras)

All Participants must have a fitness waiver on file with the J! 

Cancellation Policies:

If cancelling less than two hours before class or you do not show, full price of the class will be forfeited and will not be refunded. Participants must call the ahead of time JCC if cancelling. If class is cancelled due to instructor illness, weather, or building closure, participant will not forfeit class, and will have an opportunity to make up the class in the next week or a week when they are able to attend.

Instructor Bio:

Yael Rothfeld

Growing up, I loved gymnastics, but had to quit in high school because of injury. As an adult, I still had pain and a lot of tightness in my body. I went to physical therapy. I tried chiropractors. When I would go to massage therapists, I would frequently be asked, “What do you do? You have so many knots in your back!” When I started doing yoga, my body loved it. I lost weight, my skin improved, my body became more flexible, and all of a sudden I had increased energy.  I began to do yoga regularly, and continued to notice a lot of positive changes in my life. After taking yoga classes for many years, I decided to take the step toward becoming a yoga teacher and became a certified yoga teacher. I teach many different types of classes and love the variety. Fast paced or slow, flowing through postures or stretching and holding them, a difficult workout or meditation and relaxation. There is a type of yoga class for everyone!

Each of us has our own yoga journey. Whether it is for your body, mind, spirit, or all of the above. Yoga has definitely changed me for the better. I look forward to seeing you in class for your yoga journey as well!


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