KidZone Afterschool


KidZone Afterschool provides a holistic child-centered experience for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade, designed to improve self-confidence and support academic success. Features of our licensed, high-quality after school program include a dedicated KidZone Lounge with computers, homework assistance, nutritious kid-tested snacks, indoor and outdoor physical activities, arts and crafts, and more.

Transportation is available from Hebrew Day School classrooms, Bryant and Pattengill schools or KidsKruiser.

Flexible schedule choices include drop-in options for those already registered.  Fees include afternoon care for KidZone Vacation programs.

Schedule changes are subject to a $15.00/change fee.

*IMPORTANT* MI Child Information Form

After registering, please fill out the MI Child Information Form.  This is a “fillable” form which should be downloaded and “saved as” on your computer.  Please email it back to, or bring it in and give to the staff on your first day.  If you are having trouble filling out the form, they will be available in the KidZone Lounge for your use.

This information is required for every child and only needs to be filled out once during the academic year (you may not use the same form for more than one child.  Forms must be filled out separately).  Those who do not have health information on file, will NOT be allowed to attend KidZone.  Please be sure to update us with any changes in your child/ren’s health and bring in any medications your child may need.


We have 2, 3, 4, and 5-day options available.

Click here to register for the 2015-16 academic year.

We do not prorate for joining mid-month or building closures due to Jewish & national holidays.

We also do not prorate due to building closures for weather.

Punch Cards

If you are looking for drop-in care, look no further.  Our punch card system can help you in a pinch!

Click here to purchase a punch card.

What is a punch card?

A punch card is a prepaid card for $80.  Each card has four uses.  Every time you use the card, we mark down the date-of-use and let you know when it is time to purchase a new one.  We keep your card at the J so you don’t have to!

When you know you’re ready to use one of your punches (two, or three depending on the number of children), please let both your school administrator and our Programs Office Manager know you would like to use your punch card.  We will then be sure to pick up your child(ren).

We ask that you try to give us 24-hour advance notice if you plan to use your punch card.

Punch cards are valid within the academic year of purchase and are not valid the following academic year.

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Tamara Lewis, Programs Office Manager, at (734) 971-0990 or