Tai Chi for Seniors

Wednesdays – 1:00-2:30 PM

Instructor: Karla Groesbeck from Tai Chi Love Studios

Tai Chi is a very peaceful, low impact, body movement. It can be done standing or even sitting. It is an easy, mental and physical exercise. Studies have proven that Tai Chi improves balance, health and memory, for every age-group and body type. It is an effective and popular exercise as it can be done anywhere, anytime and without any added equipment or special clothing.


This Intermediate level class is run by Washtenaw Community College’s Community Enrichment Program.


Winter Session January 15th – March 11th

Or, to see a full list of classes offered for seniors, please call (734) 677-5060, or visit the WCC Community Enrichment page.


J members: free admission

Community Members: $10